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automotive urea,melamine,urea46,chemical,fertilizer,Taian Guangyuan International Trade Corporation
The greatest benevolence is like water

Many company chairman meetings often emphasize performance, goals, workshop management, etc., while our chairman Mr. Ji Guangyuan often mentions social responsibility, civilized comity, traffic safety, filial piety, etc. Some small details about being in the world and caring for your loved ones. Every time I listen to the chairman's speech, I feel extremely warm in my heart. Therefore, I summarize these small details as the chairman's feelings.

Chairman's feelings one: learning never ends

Chairman Ji always said that no matter what your starting point, as long as you are willing to learn and be good at learning, you will surely be successful. Not only maintain the habit of reading and learning every day, but also recommend that family members and colleagues maintain the habit of reading and learning, and continue to learn from people who are better than themselves in their work and life.

Chairman's feelings 2: good at thinking, dare to innovate

Chairman Ji always said, whether in life or work and study, we must be good at thinking and be creative. He often talked about since he joined the work in Shandong Haihua Kuixing Chemical Co., Ltd. in 1984, while working conscientiously, he always kept thinking about the problems in the production of melamine powder and the shortcomings in the management of the factory, and took the initiative to propose technical improvement and management improvement plans.

Chairman's feelings 3: Honor your parents and care for your children

Respecting the old and caring for the young are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. It can not only reflect a person's good quality, but also reflect the civilization of a society. A family that respects the old and loves the young is happy and harmonious, and the family tradition is worth inheriting. Mencius said: "The old and the old, and the old, the young, the young, and the young, can be transported in the palm of the world."

Chairman's feelings 4: Advocate every employee to be a civilized citizen

The chairman always said that as citizens, we must always pay attention to our own image, because our every move is part of the image of the city, and each of our civilized actions will become a beautiful picture of the city.

Chairman's feelings 5: self-improvement

Regardless of the difficulties of the people around him, or knowing that others have difficulties, the chairman always lends a helping hand as soon as possible and encourages those who are trapped to strive for self-improvement. All difficulties are solved easily.

The greatest benevolence is like water, the highest virtue tolerates all.