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automotive urea,melamine,urea46,chemical,fertilizer,Taian Guangyuan International Trade Corporation
school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony

On the afternoon of September 4th, the Tai'an Internet Merchants Association and Taishan Vocational and Technical College held a "school-enterprise cooperation" signing ceremony. Chairman Xu Xibin, Executive Chairman Zhang Baoli and 9 directors attended the signing ceremony.

Zhang Qingmin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the school, Li Jinwei, director of the Department of Finance and Economics, and others extended a warm welcome to the visit of the chairman of the Tai'an Internet Merchants Association. President Xu introduced the development history of the Chamber of Commerce, the industry and talent needs of the member companies, and thanked the college for its trust and support to the Chamber of Commerce. He placed high hopes on the future cooperation between the two parties and hoped to achieve the good expectations of mutual benefit, win-win and common development. Secretary Zhang introduced the basic situation of the school, the philosophy of running the school and the achievements since the establishment of the school, and analyzed the development trend of vocational education. He said that he expects the two sides to start comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, increase exchanges, further improve the quality of talent training, and achieve win-win cooperation.

This event will surely take a solid step towards deepening school-enterprise cooperation, integrating production and education, and improving the school-enterprise integrated education model. It is a solid platform for school-enterprise cooperation, sharing resources, mutual benefit, and mutual conspiracy. A grand event of development, this signifies that the Tai'an Internet Merchants Association and colleges and universities have joined hands in good faith to compose a brilliant chapter. It will further improve the teaching quality of colleges and universities, further deepen school-enterprise cooperation, and jointly serve local economic development!