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automotive urea,melamine,urea46,chemical,fertilizer,Taian Guangyuan International Trade Corporation
automotive urea,melamine,urea46,chemical,fertilizer,Taian Guangyuan International Trade Corporation

1. Design basis

1) production demand configuration provided by customers;

2) other materials, requirements and descriptions of the project provided by the customer;

3) the advanced and mature design and contracting experience and the practical technical parameters and experience accumulated in similar projects summarized by the company in the integration of multiple product r&d, production and sales.

2. Adoption of standards and specifications

Urea solution inspection basis: GB 29518-2013 standard requirements of urea solution with nitrogen oxide reducing agent for diesel engines (AUS32)

3. Design principles

1)According to relevant national environmental protection standards, domestic and international diesel exhaust treatment technology level, combined with existing facilities, adopt reasonable, mature and advanced production technology, reduce environmental pollution and treatment costs, so as to make the production standards meet the standard;

Details of the urea solution: The comprehensive urea production capacity of 8 hours is as follows:

1. Stainless steel softening water system     1 set

2. A first-grade purified water,  RO  Membrane water treatment    1 set

3. B first-grade purified water,  RO  Membrane water treatment    1 set

4. Seiko EDI electrolysis water plant ,Ultrapure water    1 set

5. 1 ton capacity 304 frequency conversion temperature control reactor    2 set

7.  Control box 1 set

8.  Automatic raw material feeding machine 1 set

9.  Multi-stage medium Urea stock solution Finished precision filter unit 1 set

10. Automatic 8 automatic  filling machine    1 set

11.Double power head 10 m conveyor belt

12. Automatic sealing machine    1 set

13. Fully automatic inkjet printer

14.Automatic capping machine   1 set

15.Automatic  Screw capping machine   1 set

16. Automatic packaging machine 1 set

17. Control system set 1 set

18. Connecting pipes 1 set

19. Valves, connectors and other mounting accessories 1 set

20. Motor booster pump 1 set

21. Urea testing equipment 1 set

22. Freezing point 1 set

23. Boiling point meter 1 set

24. Alcohol meter 1 set

25.PH test 1 set

Consumables are mainly

1. Filter element It is recommended to look at it once in about 20 days, and the initial use can be changed in advance.

2. Quartz sand and activated carbon can be cleaned according to the frequency of use. 1 year - 1 year and a half change

3. Prepare yourself 2-3 plastic storage tank, a pumping motorreference:

Volume: 2.38+3.3+2.5+0.55+0.5=9.23 cubic

Power: 1.5+1.5+20+0.75+0.75=24.5KW

Need labor: 2 people

Actual production of urea solution: 8 hours 6-8 tons

Plant demand: door width>1.1M room height>2.5M area>100