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automotive urea,melamine,urea46,chemical,fertilizer,Taian Guangyuan International Trade Corporation
The fifth taishan summit on new foreign trade and new opportunities was held

On Dec. 7, crossborder electricity to promote the old and new kinetic energy conversion, the fifth taishan talk new trade opportunities summit, the summit by taian business bureau, taian electronic retailing association, the international trade department, jointly organized by alibaba small and mediumsized enterprises, aimed at developing new forms of foreign trade pattern, make zhuhai crossborder electricity business development of the industry chain and ecosystem, speed up to promote the old and new kinetic energy transformation, promote the development of crossborder electricity to accelerate, boost crossborder trade digital transformation, build crossborder electricity good atmosphere, encourage and support small and mediumsized enterprises entering the international market, make foreign trade development new engine kinetic energy.

The theme of this summit is "crossborder trade promotes the transformation of old and new drivers of growth", which is to respond to the country's "One Belt And One Road" economic development strategy and promote the implementation of the country's "13th fiveyear plan" for the development of ecommerce "actively promote multilateral, bilateral and regional ecommerce exchanges and cooperation.We will improve the industrial chain of crossborder ecommerce and guide the local crossborder ecommerce industry to develop in the direction of scale, standardization, clustering and digitalization.At the same time, it is also to enhance China's voice and leading position in the field of international business cooperation and help taian enterprises "go global".And for domestic and foreign trade enterprises, college talents, thirdparty service providers to build infrastructure, data application and data value platform, help crossborder trade digital transformation.

Ji guangyuan, general manager of guangyuan international, led all the members of the ministry of international trade to attend the summit as a member of the board of directors of the Internet business association. The participants deeply felt the coexistence of international trade opportunities and challenges under the new international situation.