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automotive urea,melamine,urea46,chemical,fertilizer,Taian Guangyuan International Trade Corporation
Climb mount tai on New Year's day to pray ---We are all dreamers

As taian guangyuan people at the foot of mount tai, we ushered in the ninth New Year's day, guangyuan management as usual mount tai blessing.At 6 o 'clock in the morning, six management personnel led by general manager ji guangyuan gathered at the ticket gate of wanxianlou and set off in the night. On the first day of 2019, everyone was very excited, chatting and singing happily all the way.An hour later, the sky began to brighten up, and we had a panoramic view of the scenery along the way. Everyone was full of interest and more interested in taking photos.

After a short rest near zhongtianmen, I passed hutian pavilion, yingtian pavilion, yunbu bridge, wudafu pine, duisongshan and other scenic spots in one breath, and then took in a panoramic view of both sides of taishan imperial road.After the duisong mountain, you can see a stone tablet introducing eighteen plates, which is the steepest road section and landscape unique to mount tai. It starts from duisong pavilion and ends at the south tianmen gate. It is the steepest and densest section of pandao slope in mount tai.As for the eighteen dishes, there is a popular saying among the people in mount tai: "eighteen is too tight, eighteen is too slow, and eighteen is neither too fast nor too slow."Slowly walked through the dragon gate, sheng xianfang, looked up to see the south gate.

The mountaineering blessing activity will be a complete success.The whole process of climbing let us feel quite deep.Life is like a long journey, in the dream of the palace before the cross is countless mountains, only never stop the pace of progress, step by step to adhere to go down, to reach the summit of the mountain!Toward the spot of dream, toward the other side of success, bravely move forward, never stop the pace of progress!To paraphrase President xi: "we are all running hard. We are all dreamers."