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Ten years of industry experience tells you how to choose compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer variety is various, a lot of people are in when buying, in doubt should choose which kind after all.As a person with 10 years of experience in the fertilizer industry, guangyuan tells you how to choose:

Professionals generally choose fertilizers according to the four dimensions of "soil character, crop variety, growth period and fertilization method".

I. fertilizer selection for soil properties:

For soil with slight alkalinity, low content of organic matter and lack of effective nitrogen and phosphorus, chemical acid compound fertilizer should be generally selected, such as monoammonium phosphate or humic acid nitrogen-phosphate-potassium compound fertilizer, nitrogen-phosphorus compound fertilizer is appropriate.But a few red clay or acid brown loam should choose alkaline compound fertilizer, such as diammonium phosphate.Conditional crowd is in before choosing fertilizer had better be able to measure soil character.

2. Fertilizer selection for crop varieties:

Generally, n, p and p compound fertilizers should be used for field crops, and n, p, k ternary compound fertilizers should be used for wheat fields or high-yielding fields.Wheat, rice, millet and other densely planted crops, suitable for the application of powder compound fertilizer;Sparse planting crops such as corn should choose granular compound fertilizer, leguminous crops should choose phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer;Root crops, corn, late rice, etc., should use compound fertilizer with high potassium content.

Relatively speaking, early rice, peanuts, sesame, rape, pepper and other crops, to choose a high phosphorus content of compound fertilizer;The compound fertilizer with higher nitrogen content should be selected for leaf vegetables.Watermelon, strawberry, orange, flue-cured tobacco, tea and grape should use chlorine-free compound fertilizer.

1, to harvest stem and leaf-based crops: for example, celery, cabbage, kale, etc., can choose high nitrogen content, rapid dissolution, relatively cheap compound fertilizer.

2. Crops that mainly harvest fruits: plants are relatively short, such as soybeans and mung beans, and compound fertilizers with higher phosphorus content can be selected.Tall plants, such as corn, sorghum, can choose high phosphorus, high potassium fertilizer.

Iii. Fertilizer selection for crop growth period:

1. For crops with short growth period, the consistent fertilizer with faster dissolution speed and granulation by roller can be selected.

2. For crops with a long growth period, chemical synthetic compound fertilizers with a slow dissolution rate or slow-release compound fertilizers can be selected.

Iv. Fertilizer selection for fertilization method:

1, as a base fertilizer, can choose the slow dissolution of slow-release compound fertilizer or chemical synthesis compound fertilizer.It can provide nutrients to crops for a long time.

2, as a top fertilizer, can choose the rapid dissolution of compound fertilizer.When dissolved, nutrients are quickly absorbed by the plant.

Choose the right fertilizer varieties, but also distinguish the quality of the same content of fertilizer, in general, we want to see the production date, choose the fertilizer of the current year, fertilizer time long will volatilize or agglomerate, affect fertility.

Want to check the cent content of nitrogen phosphor potassium, total content is same compound fertilizer, cent content still has distinction, nitrogen, phosphor, potassium 3 kinds, the price of potassium is relatively higher.Buy compound fertilizer, do not buy compound fertilizer.

Compound fertilizer is granulated by high tower, amino acid and gunite.Compound fertilizer is the drum granulation, disk granulation, simple mixing, nameless small factory is such a production process.The utilization rate of crop to compound fertilizer is about 20 percentage points lower than that of compound fertilizer.Never buy compound fertilizer as compound fertilizer.